Community Living

Community Living

We give Newcastle University students the support and guidance they need to stay safe, be good neighbours, and make a positive impact on the local community.

SLIDE 1: Dog walking
Illustration of student putting recyclable rubbish into a recycling bin
Being a Good Neighbour

Getting along with your neighbours will make your time in Newcastle more enjoyable. 

Illustration of students holding gardening tool
Caring for the Community

A good community living experience begins with you. Learn about caring for your community and the environment.

Illustration of students sitting round a table with drinks.
Staying Safe

While enjoying your uni experience, it’s important to stay safe. Read our top tips, and find a list of useful contacts. 

Illustration of two students holding and looking at phones
Accessing Community Services

Find contact details for useful services like your local council, healthcare providers and utility companies.

Illustration of a family, the parents on the phone and on a laptop, the children sitting down reading.
Information for Residents

Learn more about student volunteering projects and campaigns. Find out how to report and resolve an issue.

Illustration of Students standing studying hand-held devices.
Responding to Complaints

Find out about how the University responds to complaints about noise and other negative behaviour.