Results & Documents

Results, Documents and Verifications

How to view your exam results and where to find official documents.

Exam Results

Exam Results

Results will released by your School Office after the board of examiners have met. This can be a several weeks after your assessment. Your transcript of results can then be accessed in the 'Documents' tab of S3P, or a stamped copy can be printed by your School Office or via the Student Services Helpdesk.

You should contact your School Office regarding any queries related to marks, inaccuracies on your Transcript or deadlines.

Documents (Current Students)

If you are a current Newcastle University student you can download a number of different documents to verify your studies. All of these documents are free of charge. Click on the below sections for further information.

Documents (Former Students)

If you are a former Newcastle University student you can order documents using the links below. For all documents we will require proof of identity (e.g. a scan of your passport or driving licence).

Graduated from 2018 onwards:


Graduated before 2018:


Document Recognition:


Confirmation of Study Details

We can provide verification (proof) of study details to third parties including commercial organisations, agencies, government bodies and other higher education institutions.

We are unable, centrally, to answer questions such as attendance and suitability for a role. Character reference requests should be directed to individual Faculties, Schools & Research Units and/or tutor.